Captivate Audience With Twitter Marketing: Your 4-Step Guide

“Twitter is dead. So is Twitter marketing. You cannot expect anything out of it!”

Woah! That is a big assumption one will ever quote. It might be the case if they are a naïve user of Twitter.

Don’t believe me? Hear me out! Neither do you want to hear obvious nor do I wish to sound like one. Just a signal, a shocking static is about to come your way.

Twitter, which is supposed to have lost impact, has over 353.1 monthly active users. Out of them, 192 million use it daily (Backlinko). 

Now, the individuals in opposition will drop it on the shelf of misleading. 

They’re right to think on these lines. Not everything of the opposition party should be opposed. You have a specific target market to reach. Your presence will have nothing to do with the market you’re never serving. For you to relate, assume you’re running a local grocery store in Delhi. Will you have anything to do with buying patterns or tastes and preferences of consumers residing in Australia? 

The answer is “No!” But, when you enter the channels of social media, you must have seen brands diversifying their areas of service. 

When you’re starting, it is essential to niche down. You do everything you can to hit the bull’s eye. As soon as the target reaches the right point, you start thinking of joy you shall receive by travelling other paths. You take up challenges. And those who successfully fight through it, taste success. Who better to quote here than Tata Group?  

Twitter is itself one of the powerful social media tools where engagement in conversations can lead to huge results. 

twitter markting strategies will bbe discussed below

Now is the time to answer your question- “How to do Twitter marketing?”

I’ll refine it a bit. Let’s find answers for, “How to use Twitter effectively for marketing?”

There’s a lot you can dig up and add to your Wishlist but hold on! It is always better to proceed step by step. 

It’s time to build up a scenario. Suppose you run an online business that helps brands get the desired exposure. Let’s name it, ‘Branding You’ with a catchphrase, “Simplifying Your Way.” 

This is the right time to introduce the concept of Twitter marketing strategy. For you to gain fruitful benefits from Twitter marketing, I’ve curated a 4-step Twitter marketing guide. If you classify yourself as a newbie, these four steps will prepare you to face the hurdles coming your way. Let’s dive in?!

1) Hashtags on Twitter may help you get ‘desired’ exposure 

Hahtags on twitter are best for twitter marketing

You started only a month back. Your profile picture is already shining with your brand’s logo. 

But how will your audience i.e., your target market get directed to you? 

Hashtags, right! 

You know they will be searching ‘Social Media Marketing tips, branding tips, why branding, so on and so forth. 

The moment your tweets contains those hashtags (right hashtags), you’re on your way to engaging with the potential target market. 

Content on twitter or any other social media platform is king

Now do not go and flood your tweets with hashtags. Hashtags only will never serve your purpose. This is the rule that applies to every social media platform. 

Yes, hashtags do help them reach you but it’s ultimately the content that retains them. 

In short, use appropriate and limited hashtags to get noticed by the right kind of audience. 

2) Expand Your Reach with the Power of Retweeting

It’s been a year you’re on Twitter. 

Power of retweeting: Twitter Marketing
women’s hand typing on keyboard laptop with mobile smartphone,

You have reached a satisfied number of users half of whom even started following you. Half the proportion now recognize you i.e., your brand and maybe the mind behind the same. Your content is now no more limited to your brand’s area of expertise. 

Your audience wants to know you more. They are curious to know everything that goes into your schedule. On their demand, you post random but quick questions that are off-brand. 

Come out of the scenario for a minute. If you’re not going off-brand on Twitter, this is where you’re doing it wrong. To quote examples of both, ‘Posts and videos’ are an apt example that defines quick questions on brand while the choice between ‘blue or black’ and random poll for ‘mountains or beaches’ define the off-brand scenario.

With this diversification in terms of content where you’re preferring quality over quantity, your tweets turn out to be relatable to your audience. They will be inquisitive to a level where they won’t stop their fingers leading to retweeting. 

Achieving a new set of human eyes for your brand is another milestone that marketing business on Twitter will help your brand accomplish.

3) With Twitter Marketing, Turn your Message Board into a Conversation Starter 

Twitter Brand Marketing: Complete Guide
Question mark design, business woman hand holding a chalkboard on office background

If you go about scrolling the pages of popular brands and if time flies by, you were probably retained by the interesting turns their witty tweets helped conversations take. 

They can be one way or a discussion about what’s trending right now. 

For instance, remember when Zomato announced the decision of going public. Oh My God, every other brand, let alone humans, were talking about it. They were grabbing the moment and marketing themselves. Yes, moment marketing it is!

It was one such talk of the town that everybody gave an interesting turn to this hot topic with their striking point of view. A simple question like, “Are you on your way to becoming investors or still prefer counting as a customer? #ZomatoIPO” touches the right chord.

The thumb rule is if your audience interacts, no matter likes, you’re preferably on the right path. Create content that creates a buzz.

This will again help you get discover by the ones who might not need your services but are in a position to recommend you to their network? 

With content creation, were you not aiming to have word-to-word marketing? 

Voila, you achieved it right here! 

4) Creating a buzz’ is Real 

Lastly, it’s crazy how Twitter allows you to tag and drive traffic. 

Now after having the successful reach of ‘Branding You’ on Twitter let’s say you are planning to enter the YouTube market. 

Yes, you have the option to create buzz and become a tea/coffee discussion for your people. 

how to use twitter effectively for marketing

If I were to tweet that creates the buzz, it’ll go like, “Something exciting coming up. Are you excited or ARE YOU EXCITED? #KeepGuessesComing #WorkedUnderCovers” 

To help you summarize it all, your audience will know they are your prospective audience. You have to help them discover YOU. You have to strategically help them make buying decisions. You’ll be the only one in charge to open a forum for conversations/discussions. 

Would you like someone buzzing you every day with constant messages of, “I sell, c’mon buy?” 

You won’t! You might end up blocking them if they start getting on your nerves. That’s what I meant when I used ‘strategically’. 

Your tweets cannot be about only reviews, only services/products, only you. It has to diversify to encourage engagement and discussions. Maybe you ought to begin with what you’ll like to see more. Try and test tweets initially. See what works well for you! 

In a month or two of consistency, you’ll know what works and just do more of it.

creating a buzz with twitter hashtags
Women’s hand typing on mobile smartphone, Live Chat Chatting on application Communication Digital Web and social network Concept. Work from home.

Accelerate your brand visibility,” that’s the unsaid catchphrase of Twitter if you use it the right way. 

Well, there is no right way, no correct formula. You apply the right strategies and let your audience decide what goes best with them. It’s a world of changing preferences, so give them enough time.

Get started with Twitter marketing now and remember I have your back. If you face any problem, mention it below in the comments section and goes without saying, I’ll get back to you. Happy Tweeting!

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