How to Find Content Writers: A Fantastic Practical Guide

“I’m a business owner looking to hire content writers for the website.”

“I need content writers. What the best you can offer?”

“Hey content writers, let’s strike a conversation in dm.”

“Content writers needed!”

“Need content writers for long term.”

And then comes my favourite bunch of clients who mention everything about the project to ease the decision-making procedure for all the content writers out there. 

Find Content Writers Today!

Are you a business owner struggling to gain traction for your business? Do you wish to outgrow your clients? 

I’m here with a practical guide to showcase what to search for and how to effectively find content writers that meet your requirements.

How to end the struggle in this never-ending search for content writers?

Content creation in the right way is a taxing process. I come across business owners and brand managers who are tired of not finding initially quoted deliverables in the content curated by approachers.

You count yourself in this list. Don’t you?

Well, by saying you’re at the right place would you believe my words?

I think trust issues might be popping up, given your worst past experiences. Let’s do it differently this time. Since you’re already here, I would suggest you devote a bit more of your time. Who knows the takeaways turn out the best for your organization? 

Why the need for content writers arise: Content Writing Know-Hows

How to find a content writer? Why do you need a content writer?

Keyword research, alt tags, backlinks, indexing and other aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) are the bare minimum any person referring them as a content writer would know. 

Answer this or make a note of it- What’s your intent behind hiring a content writer or outsourcing content creation to blog freelance writers?

To rank on Google. Ain’t it?

What should be the writer’s intent before taking up content writing projects?

Curation of content in a manner that matches the search query. It’s users (target customers) that matters.

What if the two goals don’t align?

Expectations will meet death. And the content creation procedure will end up synonymous with a blunder. 

Both parties need to understand- curating unrealistic goals and quoting unrealistic steps won’t hypnotize the search engines to present the content on the top ranking.

The term unrealistic goals confused you?

For instance, aiming to rank within a day. It is next to impossible if going by organic ways. Go for advertisements if that’s the goal. They stand the best chance for short-term solutions. They won’t rank the content on top but will fulfil the goal of bringing eyeballs to the brand.

However, who wishes to have continuous holes in one’s pocket? Organic reach has been on the top of the list of expectations. What do you, as a client, prefer? 

I’m guessing if you’re here, you might be in the need of same.

What’s the root cause of unmet expectations from one of the best freelance writers in your network?

I would like to dig deep and bring out why you had to search for “How do I find a content writer?” or “Where can I find writers online?”

Content writing freelancers are super active on Facebook groups. What propels high-quality freelancers to leave them is a particular set of messages.

I need an experienced content writer. My budget is too tight. Please understand pay rate will be low. Content should be SEO-based, user friendly and 100% plagiarism-free.”

Yes, you correctly read experienced and low budget in a single message. 

It’s high time to understand this. Why will experienced writers work for a low (extremely low, mind you) budget?

One, no experienced freelancer will take up the deal? Second, if one out of the lot falls in the trap, am I allowed to comment on quality?

Now, I do agree there exists high paying clients. One, I absolutely dislike using this term. I’m still brainstorming the ideas to come up with a respectable term for clients who are ready to offer content writers the amount that their services and efforts deserve. They are the ones to turn the belief of content curators on their skills to reality.

With this piece of writing, I am solely targeting genuine clients to help them out with the underlying problem.

When is the best time to connect with content writing freelancers?

best freelance writer, blog freelance writers
Top view of the workspace and office of a female translator working on a document and checking some references

This is the most asked question. How should you as a brand owner know that this is the time you need content writers?

The need arises when you’re struggling.

Or when you are over-burdened.

There’s a famous example quoted widely- Entrepreneurs need to learn the skill of allocation of tasks over learning how to do each of those tasks. Management is a hard-earned skill and takes years to gain expertise. You do you, outsource rest and utilize the expertise of those who do rest best. Nothing more, nothing less. 

This way you get to focus on key areas of your business. Consider your business as a child. Despite hailing from educated backgrounds, parents trust education centres to impart the best knowledge.

Why? You do know the answer.

Likewise, lay the groundwork and let the magic happen. Though, important to mention, this magic will come into being with consistent efforts over time. 

Do I hold the expertise to advise you on this topic?

Though I’m bringing out the truth with instances, there’s a chance you are wondering about my expertise. 

I’m not aiming anywhere in the air without proper groundwork research. I’m a diverse content curator whose mind is now going behind in setting up

A lot has been going in the backdrop. Working with various clients in diverse niches brought me to this stage- keeping industry insights with myself ain’t helping. And hence, I couldn’t hold back from bringing up my own enterprise.

What exactly is

To fill in the gap existing in the content creation industry, works relentlessly to bring forward the expertise of top content creators worldwide. Reach out anytime as geographical boundaries matter no more. 

Why do I find the need for my enterprise to exist? 

The introduction of several social media platforms has created a demand for content like no other. Every second, a brand manager is looking to utilize someone’s expertise. Not everyone you reach out to will exceed your expectations. Not everyone will meet the initially quoted deliverables. 

To protect you from major failure, my enterprise is existing. Meet your content creation needs here. 

Find content writers who create effective content, content writers for the website
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Were you busy wondering, why I haven’t touched upon the deliverables I’ll be providing? Hold on!

I certainly do not find myself in a position to quote the exact deliverables without gaining insights into your business. It is significant for me to know: 

  • What you do?
  • Why you do it? 
  • Which niche do you belong to?
  • What are your unique offerings?
  • Why should the customer prefer you over competitors? 

(My writing certainly cannot convince your customers until I’m convinced.)

  • What exact help are you looking for from me?

The work I’m engaged in has to be SEO-friendly- not exactly for search engines but for customers. You’ll find me bringing up long-tail keywords that clarify intent perfectly. Engagement is my thing. I break through monotony because why not?

Our customers are human. Let’s treat them the same way. It may offend someone but who would like others to yawn at your terrific piece of content?

So, an engaging tone has to lay the base for our deals.

Finally, I believe in personalization. Let’s admit we all love when services revolve entirely around us. Originality in consultation services needs this base especially when content creation is what we’re focusing on. 

I will focus on driving results organically. That’s entirely what this post was focusing on, it has to be on the top though you’re finding it the last here. That’s what makes me a human.

What are the various industries we provide services in?

Best freelance writer:Where can you find writers online?
online curation media concept. electronic newspaper. young woman holding laptop PC and various news images. abstract mixed media.

Now comes my favourite part. Who wouldn’t like to introduce the industries they take pride in? Read on to find my go-to niches. 


It is probably one of the industries that may be in a position to say the entire world is our target audience in literal terms. However, that can never be the case. It has become significant for all healthcare brands out there to stand out from the competition. A brand’s digital presence can drive crazy revenues when matched with healthcare marketing trends. Isn’t it exciting?

Read: Kickstart your healthcare digital marketing journey today


It is a broad industry covering all the establishments in investment and assets management or any other facility management. Content creation builds the requisite base for advertising campaigns to direct potential customers to drive consistent satisfaction from real-time services. If this is the industry where your business classifies, are you utilizing the benefits to the maximum?  


This is another absolute go-to industry of mine. I’ve been a major in Finance and I cannot hold back the learnings. Finance may picturize numbers for a beginner but you’ll be swimming deep when entered the pool with the intent to learn. The numbers are crazy when comes to the subject of people taking interest over time. Stock market and cryptocurrencies have driven an insane population with content creation solely.


The amount of experiments this industry is witnessing is incomparable. In every household, there has to be one fitness enthusiast. I absolutely love to curate a piece that may incite readers to bring themselves in the desired shape. Now, I cannot overlook the importance words hold in this industry. It won’t be wrong to categorize this one as word sensitive. What do you think?


Here it is! This industry speaks of recreation. It is one of the largest service industries and I take absolute pleasure in the creation of content for this industry. Nourishment of souls with my writing will always be a guilty pleasure. I would never mind you using it for channelizing revenues.


All the industries above involve the communication of services. However, there are various industries I may haven’t touched upon. There are various informational platforms out there whose main aim is to market expertise and may not be sailing sales. To help you build a brand, I’m happy to mention I exist!

Lastly, I love to experiment. It’s not like I owned expertise in all aforementioned industries since the very beginning. I researched, I experimented, I strived hard and voila! I have gained insights. I would love you to throw a challenge my way. But, hold on for a second.

Tips to find good content writers

Next time you go about searching content writers:

  • Do mention the niche
  • Give an idea of the budget beforehand.
  • For a smooth transition, mention crisp details of the needed deliverables. You got to agree now, “I need a content writer” is not bringing out the right intent.

Now, I believe “How do I hire a content writer?” should not be your search query.

Wondering what’s next?

Wake up and take early action with For you to get started right now, you do not have to go on a hunt. Nevertheless, the welcoming will be the same if you decide to choose us after a proper hunt. On-ground experience matters for me. 

If you wish to use my expertise to reach out to your target audience, hit me up. Remember no time or geographical boundation?

You don’t want to miss it out now, do you?

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