Stand Out With Striking Healthcare Advertising Campaigns

The excellent services that your established healthcare business deals with, will drive no revenue if customers, patients for that matter remain uninformed. Yes, you read it right. 


The healthcare advertising campaigns that bring out no aim and come to an end with no specific call to action stand synonymous with ‘no campaigns’ in place at all.

How Should You Advertise Healthcare Services?

Healthcare Advertising Campaign, Healthcare Display Advertising

If you’re scratching the back of your head wondering, how do I advertise healthcare services that gain traction, you’re at the right place. Exposure of the brand to the community can be a challenge if you don’t practice the art of campaigning right way.

Worry not because will help you curate your upcoming healthcare advertising campaigns. 

Health Product Advertisements

With the emergence of healthcare consumers, the health industry is changing rapidly. If your health campaigns are inspired by ‘Top 20 health product advertisement’ or ‘Best six healthcare display advertising examples’, leave the draft and take a step back.

Doing what worked for others will result in sheer waste of time. The unique touch in what is already happening around the world gains traction. It is necessary to understand that your brand will not stand out until you continue to follow the path, other brands of the same or different industry(s) are already leading. 

How To Find Your Unique Approach With Healthcare Marketing Trends?

Study Healthcare Marketing Trends for long term growth strategies and curate best healthcare advertising campaigns

Research plays a crucial role in laying down the base. For one, you must know the brand in and out. Values, vision, mission and future plans should be crystal clear.

Now, begin with researching industry trends. When I researched recent healthcare advertisements, they brought out several healthcare marketing trends, the top one being that your brand’s marketing team must continue to focus on finding opportunities for demand generation with long-term growth strategies.

For long-term growth strategies, short term growth strategies must be in place. To bring short ones in place, prepare analysis reports of past advertising campaigns. Measure the results qualitatively and compare them with healthcare trends. If you find a gap, voila! You have an opportunity in hand. 

Can Central Health Campaigns in India Help You Craft Striking Healthcare Campaigns?

If you’re new to the world of advertising, there’s another way. Central and state governments bring in place certain health campaigns in India. It will be astonishing to note how easier it becomes for the target audience to recall the brand once they come to you through one of such campaigns. 

I’m nowhere saying to not research for samples and/or examples of health campaigns but do not go about mindlessly following them. 

Secrets To Best Healthcare Advertising Campaigns

I’ve curated few pointers below to aid you lay down a concrete base that will further help you bring in picture your brand’s best healthcare advertising campaigns: 

  • You Do You

You must have heard or advised it to humans asking for ways to achieve success. The same concept applies to brand. What if it’s an artificial person? 

Brands do have to catch the right hints that possess the strength to help them stand out. If you continue to exist among the heavy competition, the reason is your brand has a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). 

Now pen down what you want your brand to be known as? Ask questions like:

  • Who should (your brand) be referred to? 
  • Which area does your brand excel in? 
  • What do your customers praise about you? 
  • Which services have to strive hard to improve in past?

So on and so forth. 

Once you have answers, select the top two qualities of your brand. They’ll become the highlight of campaigns. Now, you’re in a position to not promise something you cannot deliver. You will simply be highlighting what you do BEST.

In a nutshell, campaigns that perfectly express what you do, are some of the best ones. 

  • Focus on Building Trust

Has your brand ever collaborated just because one of the prospective partners continue to pester?

I believe it will be a NO. Partnerships in brands somewhat function the way customers perceive a brand’s services. They’ll buy what they need and not what looks luxurious.

It is requisite for your brand to know the target audience. Otherwise, healthcare marketing will get complex. 

With campaigns focus on building trust and impart education. Do not focus on selling the services in the very beginning. Gone are the times when potential customers had no tools to compare. Now they have search engines in place. 

If you have read the above-written text with full focus, your attention should have been grabbed by ‘imparting education’. It was never a piece of cake. Well, it gets even difficult in the healthcare industry: one, people have begun to lose trust in medical services. Every other week, there is a medical story trending on social media platforms that instil a sort of deep-rooted fear in the minds of potential patients. Secondly, among vague advertisements, your patients can’t be educated in a single watch. To achieve this purpose, you need to lay a platform where they can be educated in detail. How? Read further.

  •  Attach Real Emotions 

There are eight to eleven official global public health campaigns marked by the WHO (World Health Organisations). Select one to two campaigns that countrymen are aware of. It may be treated as a one-time opportunity to attract eyeballs and instil a sense of confidence in your services by bringing out the truth. 

Emotional marketing has been seen to have a psychological effect. Brands from various industries might be found on this track. By attaching real emotions, I meant what we discussed in point 1. These emotions will be connected to your brand values. Better late than never, but start it now to reap early bird benefits.

  • Empower Patients
healthcare advertising strategies which help curate healthcare marketing campaigns that create awareness in the society.

Using inspirational slogans that inspire and empower potential patients, give new meaning to their life. Likewise, these striking phrases add colours to brands. 

One of the striking slogans ever featured in the healthcare advertisement is by Dana-Farber and Women’s Cancer Center (Dana Farber Cancer Center):

“Right now, you may have cancer. But what your cancer doesn’t know is — You Have Us”

Did you feel that?

The choice of simple words has, indeed, woven a forever remembering slogan. 

  • Testimonials

Do I even need to mention that usage valid testimonials define your brand? Either feature real-life heroes- patients who fought the toughest diseases and came back stronger or use their voice in the backdrop and design advertisements in a manner that show mundane hospital routine despite employees work with new spirit each day. If your brand exists not only virtually, it is always good to feature doctors and other employees of the hospital/brand. If those working under you help promote the brand with genuineness in their eyes, you would never have to wonder why patients are not choosing you. They will and these advertising campaigns following the aforementioned points will help you make it a reality.

Lastly, keep your goals real. Your expectations must not touch heights with a single advertising campaign. With the right research in place, real revenue will be driven. 

Follow the vital measures and step by step move forward with crafting advertising campaigns. 

Bringing something new won’t hurt until your brand trust it enough to portray services offered in the positive limelight. 

What’s Next?

Clear Call to action. 

How should prospective patients reach out to you? Is there any customer support they can connect with? Do you offer online services? 

Healthcare display advertising for healthcare advertising campaigns

Specify necessary details alongside your website. 

Now inbound content marketing on a website is another thing you need to take care of. With advertisements, not all potential customers will become customers in reality. But those particular potential customers will reach out to your social media platforms to do their own research. The crisp website copy is the first thing that catches their attention.

Once retained, they’ll soon go through the blogs related to their specific issue. It is necessary to list them if you wish to drive real revenue. Content available on the website should be in a position to market the services of brands. 

Content either educate or market the services. There’s no middle street. If your content is not gaining leads, it’s wrong to blame content marketing. It has nowhere died. It might be because the content available is not in the right position to retain traction and drive revenue. is here to offer help with this. I have gained experience in working with health brands in past and have helped them drive necessary traction with SEO-friendly content. I will be more than happy to offer my services to your brand and to help you curate health marketing campaigns that create awareness in society. You may contact me at [email protected]

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